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  • GPS Survey in Tibet

    From Jul. 28th – Aug. 21st 2021, we carried out a campaign GPS survey in the eastern and southern Tibetan plateau. We took measurements from 40 existing stations and 13 new stations that we installed. It was the first time for most of us who ever visited such


  • 12 · 9 Memorial Day - Campus Mini-Marathon Run

    In memory of the 85th anniversary of the ‘12 · 9’ Anti-Japanese National Salvation Movement, the University of Science and Technology of China carried out the "12 · 9" campus mini-marathon run in the West Campus, on the afternoon of December 6th. Our


  • The annual CGU meeting

    From Oct 17th to Oct 21th, we, the GRC team, went to Chongqing to participate the annual CGU meeting. In this meeting, Yunguo Chen presented his research on "藏东高原的中下地壳、上地幔的三维流变结构研究". Segun Steven Bodunde introduced the work on "Poroelasti...


  • GPS Survey in Gansu Province

    From Oct. 8 - 13rd, we checked two survey lines including 15 GPS stations that were surveyed in 1990s. We have successfully recovered and resurveyed five stations. We added one station near JNA. Other stations were all destroyed by social and business activitie


  • Oral MSc thesis defense by Yixing Zhang, Zhiping Hu & Kejing H

    On June 23th, Mr. Yixing Zhang defensed his M.Sc. thesis "2010年Mw8.8 Maule地震震后形变三维粘弹性数值模拟" . In his thesis, Yixing studied the postseismic deformation pattern and dynamic mechanism of the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule earthquake. He established a three-dimens...


  • Successful defense of MSc by Jing Ding

    Mr. Jing Ding defensed his M.Sc. thesis "地震序列一致性自动识别系统的设计与实现" on May 28th. In his thesis, Jing developed the algorithm to determine possible earthquake magnitude from a short time of the P waveform, and then broadcast possible earthquake-war...


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