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Our research interests include:

(1)Planetary interior structure and processes

(2)Interaction between planetary layers

(3)Lithospheric and upper mantle rheology

(4)Earthquake cycle deformation

(5)Geodetic measurements and data processing

(6)Glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA)

(7)Wedge mechanics

(8)Analytical solutions and numerical modeling

Our weekly group meeting is held at 12:00 on Thursday at 923 in the department building. Postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students are all welcome to join our group meeting.

We strive to better understand the rheological structure of the Earth and other planets, deformation processes, and earthquake mechanics. We would also like to apply our data processing techniques and modeling experiences for future planetary expeditions and research. We have several ongoing funded projectsIf you are interested in our research (or want to do something new) or would like to work on your master/PhD programs with us, please check with Dr. Hu or any of the crew member

Stay aboard! We are sailing into uncharted water!

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