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Postseismic deformation of the 2013 Ms7.0 Lushan earthquake

In this project, we aim to better constrain the rheological structure and properties of the southern section of the Longmen Shan fault system, and to better understand the short-term deformation processes of medium-size (Mw7) earthquakes. First, we derive the coseismic and postseismic displacements from continuous and campaign-mode GPS network for the 20 April 2013 Ms 7.0 Lushan earthquake. Then, we constructed a three-dimensional viscoelastic finite element model according based on previously published co-seismic slip model of the Lushan earthquake tomographic images of the Sichuan basin and the eastern margin of the Tibetan plateau. Finally, we used the elastic and viscoelastic finite element models to study the coseismic and postseismic deformation of the Lushan earthquake.

Research members: Zhongtao Liu, Dr. Yan Hu, Yunguo Chen

Collaborator: Dr. Bin Zhao

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