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Poroelastic rebound following the 2010 Maule and 2014 Iquique earthquakes

In this research, we estimate the contribution of poroelastic rebound (PE) to the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule and 2014 Mw8.1 Iquique earthquakes. The thickness and Poisson ratio of the poroelastic layer in the crust and slab are explored. The poroelastic effect is investigated through improving the fit to the postseismic residuals (GPS observations minus predictions by viscoelastic relaxation model of the earthquake). We also try to evaluate the time duration of PE in both regions. This comparative analysis may give insight into the fluid flow processes in the upper crust in the Andes Subduction Margin.


Research Members: Segun Steven Bodunde, Dr. Yan Hu, Yixing Zhang, Zhiping Hu

The work have been published on these journals:

地震学报 (This paper was selected as outstanding student paper: link

Earthquake Research Advances

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