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Postseismic deformation of the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule earthquake

We optimized a three dimensional viscoelastic finite element model to study the postseismic deformation of the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule earthquake.

We processed more than 80 continuous GPS time series. We first correct the time series for the pre-earthquake trends, seasonal and secular motions. Then we fit the post-earthquake time series with logarithmic and exponential functions. At last, we calculate the postseismic displacements at any given time window from the fitted curve.

The preferred model reproduces the overall pattern of the postseismic GPS observations at different time windows.

This work was published on Acta Seismologica Sinica.

张懿行, 胡岩, Segun Steven Bodunde (2021), 2010年Mw8.8 Maule 地震震后形变三维粘弹性数值模拟, 地震学报[J], doi: 10.11939/jass.20200071. Link (this paper was selected as Outstanding Student Paper: Link

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