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  • Annual fall meeting of AGU in San Francisco, USA

    After the AOGS in Singapore, here came a greater International Conference for geophysics in 2023. From Dec. 11th to Dec. 15th, three Ph.D. students, Siyuan Yang, Kai Wang, and Yiqing Liu went to San Francisco to attend the AGU23 (Fall meeting of American Geophy


  • The annual 2023 CGU meeting

    From Oct 13th to Oct 17th, the GRC team went to Zhuhai to attend the annual CGU meeting. Six students shared their work during this conference. GRC members (From left): Wang Kai, Ye Feifan, Zhang Jian, Wang Zhihao, Liu Yuting, Yang Siyuan, Liu Yiqing, Xu Wei.


  • AOGS-2023 annual meeting in Singapore

    Prof. Yan Hu and three Ph.D. students, Siyuan Yang, Jian Zhang, Kai Wang from GRC group attended the international AOGS (Asia Oceania Geosciences Society) 20th annual meeting from July 30th to Aug. 4th. This was the first international conference for the group


  • Oral MSc thesis defense by Qin Tian

    On May 24th, Mr. Qin Tian defensed his master thesis “1976年唐山7.8级地震震后形变的三维黏弹性数值模拟”. In his thesis, Qin studied two main postseismic processes, that is, viscoelastic relaxation in the lower crust and upper mantle of the 1976 Tangshan earthq...


  • Oral PHD thesis defense by Yunguo Chen

    On October 20th, Mr. Yunguo Chen defensed his PH.D thesis "青藏高原震后动力学过程及其壳幔流变属性研究" . In his thesis, Yunguo studied three main postseismic processes, that is, the poroelastic rebound (PE), afterslip of the fault, and viscoelastic relaxation i...


  • GPS Survey in Northeastern Tibetan Plateau

    From Aug. 5th to Aug. 18th, we carried out a campaign GPS survey in Qinghai province. Main purpose of this field trip is to monitor the crustal deformation in this region, collecting data for further research on properties of active crustal faults, lithospheric


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